5. In the event that the physician continues to work as Chief of Staff beyond the specified duration of this agreement, and in cases where the parties have not entered into or negotiated a new agreement on his employment, it is agreed that this agreement will remain in force, except (a) he will be converted into a permanent agreement and b) the duty to report the hospital referred to in paragraph 20 will be increased by two (24 weeks) for each full year of service. 7. The physician expressly consented and understood that he is subject to the provisions of the Public Sector Compensation Act for the Protection of Public Services of 2010. If, to this end, it is necessary to amend, amend or adapt the agreement at any time so that it is in accordance with or maintained by this legislation, the hospital has the right to do so at the minimum necessary and such action by the hospital does not constitute a grounds for the right to a violation of this agreement, constructive termination or any other right. 1. The terms of this agreement provide for the employment of the physician as chief of staff of the hospital in accordance with the Public Hospitalization Act (Ontario) and the hospital by-laws. 2. With effect at the time of full implementation by the parties, this agreement replaces all previous agreements relating to the employment of the physician and it is agreed that the conditions set out in this agreement will be the conditions of the physician`s employment with the hospital which continues from that date. 24.

If a provision of this agreement is invalidated, illegal or unenforceable, it is considered separate and several of the agreement, the other provisions remain in force and are binding on the doctor and the hospital, as if this provision had not been included. 3. The doctor, as Chief of Staff, will perform the duties and duties of dismissal, as agreed in the Public Hospitals Act, the regulations provided for by the Public Hospitals Act, as well as the statutes and rules and directives of the hospital, and how other things are agreed between the hospital and the doctor. 13. The hospital reimburses the physician for any reasonable costs incurred during his work as Chief of Staff and in accordance with the hospital`s instructions in effect from time to time. AND considering that the doctor`s pay rate applicable from 1 April 2009 is set at USD 98.167/H/H/h/h and that the doctor has agreed that this provision is correct on the basis of the application of previous non-union wage increases; 21. The physician acknowledges that any object created or used by him in the course of his employment in the hospital or made available to him by the hospital, as well as any equipment, credit cards, books, recordings, reports, records, documents, manuals, literature, confidential information or other materials are kept at any time by the hospital and handed over to the hospital at the end or end of his employment at the hospital. 12. The hospital bears the costs of professional affiliation allowances which, in the view of the parties, are relevant to the role of Chief of Staff. AND CONSIDERING that the hospital had promised the doctor to adjust its rate of pay to include non-union increases that it would otherwise have received, by making this commitment prior to the adoption of the Public Sector Compensation Act for the Protection of Public Services in 2010; CONSIDERING that the hospital agreed that if the physician had been employed on January 1, 2004, he would have actually received the general salary increases granted to other non-unionized officers and that such accounting would have been necessary in light of the Canadian Revenue Agency`s decision; 14.