The purpose of this agreement was in the eyes of the Egyptians to recover as much of the Sinai Peninsula (occupied by Israel since 1967) as they could through diplomacy. Although the agreement strengthened Egypt`s relations with the Western world, it reduced relations with other members of the Arab League (particularly Syria and the Palestine Liberation Organization). The detailed implementation and timing of troop deployment, oil field handling and other agreements required by the agreement, annex and protocol are determined by the working group that will agree on the steps of this process, including the gradual transfer of Egyptian troops to Line E and Israeli troops to Line J. The first phase will be the transfer of oil deposits and facilities to Egypt. This process will begin within two weeks of signing the protocol with the necessary technicians in place and will be completed no later than eight weeks after its launch. Details of the phasing-out will be developed within the military task force. Article IX. This agreement will enter into force on the date the protocol is signed and will remain in force until it is replaced by a new agreement. (6) Both parties agree that they will not build new fortifications or facilities for forces larger than agreed in the areas between the J and K lines and between Line A (the 18 January 1974 Exit Agreement) and Line E. Following the cabinet meeting held this afternoon, which unanimously approved the agreement on the separation of powers with Egypt, the Minister of Government made the following announcement: the agreement reached by the parties on 18 January 1974 at the Geneva Peace Conference was a first step towards a just and lasting peace , in accordance with the provisions of Security Council Resolution 338 of 2 October 22. , 1973; and they are committed to reaching a final and fair peace settlement through the negotiations called for in Security Council Resolution 338, which is an important step in that direction. The agreement is to be signed by the Chiefs of Staff of Israel and Egypt at 1200 local time on Friday, January 18 at kilometer 101, on the Cairo-Suez road.

The commander of the UN emergency force, General Siflasvuo, was invited by the parties to attend the signing. Despite other provisions of these proposals, the United States can only withdraw its personnel if it believes that its safety is at risk or that it is no longer necessary to continue its role.